Welcome to the new website for Unit 161, Central Arkansas!

Please stay a while and look around. Lots of information is here; lots more will be added as we enter 2015. So, come back often!

The website has plentiful information on its own plus links to other websites for more detailed information.

Some of the highlights of the new website include or will include: Direct link to the ACBL website tournament page, where you can easily see all upcoming tournaments in our Unit, District or anywhere else.   Information is now up date or will be soon for Unit 161 board meeting minutes and financial statements, contact information for your Unit 161 Board officials, Unit 161 historical table count tournament results, master point race information for Unit 161, District 10 and the ACBL, easy to find information about educational support available from the Unit, District and ACBL.

Highlights of upcoming events (see Unit Calendar) include: :

Hot Springs Regional, May 11-17

Unit Championship Game August 28 at 7PM, Little Rock

I encourage you to contact me or any of the Unit 161 board members about anything we can do to further improve the Unit 161 website, or anything else we can help you with. Board member contact information is available through the Governance link.

Best wishes at the bridge table!

Ned Irving

Unit 161 President

Email: irvingmail@sbcglobal.net  Phone 501-922-3715


We are encouraging all interested clubs to avail themselves of ACBL’s free, online score reporting system.  Visit this link: