Unit Recorder

The Unit 161 recorder is Betty Schultz (501) 915-0399.

What is a Unit Recorder??? The Unit Recorder will get complaints (player memo which is a written document informing the Recorder about an incident) from Sectionals, other Unit games and club games. The aim of the recorder system is to establish a method of dealing with complaints that:

1) by themselves do not warrant the filing of formal charges or

2) are very serious but there is only the implication of wrongdoing without substantial evidence necessary to bring formal charges.

A Recorder receives, investigates and evaluates Player Memos. They educate and communicate about proper behavior and ethical behavior in accordance with the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge and the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations, with those involved with a reported incident. Upon receipt of a player memo, the recorder investigates the matter , makes a preliminary evaluation before making a final decision whether to file a complaint with the appropriate disciplinary committee. Player Memos can cover Zero Tolerance, behavioral, ethical or bidding issues . Many issues will be handled by the director at the time but a player memo can still be filed and should be to show a pattern of a player. More information about ACBL, District or Unit Recorders is available on the ACBL.org web site.